Printing in Photoshop CS6

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After you have a satisfactory image, you must size the image for print. This is done using the "Image/Image Size" Menu in Photoshop. If you are unfamiliar with sizing an image for print, you can find some basic help here. Once the image is appropriately sized, select "Print" from the File Menu.
Depending upon your operating system, you will get a dialogue something like this:
Selecting "Print..." will result in the following dialogue.
Make sure that "Color Handling" is set to "Photoshop Manages Colors".  We don't want to throw away all of the careful color work we have done during editing by letting the printer manage color.  We will make sure we turn off color management in the printer driver in a moment, so that we don't have conflicting color management instructions

Note three other settings here:

First, I have selected the printer that I wish to use from the drop down box.

Second, I have set the "Printer Profile" that I want from the drop down. This specifies the specific paper that I will be using.  See about downloading and installing profiles here I have chosen the "Epson Stylus Pro 3880 ArchivalMatte" profile from the drop doen box because I will be using Epson's Premium Matte Paper.

Third, I have set "Rendering Intent" to "Relative Colorimetric." This setting seems to best preserve a match between monitor and printer.

Next, I click on "Print Settings" in the Printer Setup section of the dialogue.


I get the following dialogue.


This is where I make sure that color management by the print driver has been turned off.


This is where I also set my Media Type, Color, Print Quality, and Paper Size.



I then click "OK."
I am now ready to send my print job to the printer by clicking "Print."