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The print is our ultimate goal, and a good deal of time can be spent setting up your system to print your photos in a reliable and consistent manner. Again, a few assumptions are made here about you. I am going to assume that you recognize the importance of monitor calibration, and that you have used a calibration tool already. Some simple tools can be found here:


and here:


Calibrating your monitor is the first step toward quality prints. Without it, it becomes very difficult to gain some correspondence between what you see on your monitor and what you will get on paper. If nothing else, at least use Adobe Gamma - the visual calibration tool supplied with Photoshop. 


The second step is downloading and using the print profiles supplied by your printer or paper manufacturer. These profiles match your output to the type of paper that you are using, and are usually auto-installed in Photoshop by the files that you download. I use Epson printers, inks, and papers, and get my profiles here...


If you have not taken these steps as yet, it is advisable that you do so before moving ahead with this tutorial.


The following instructions apply to Photoshop CS6, but the process is similar in other versions of Photoshop.


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