Wouldn't you like to see photographs as the artist intended, and as they would appear in print?


While today's ultra-bright monitors provide excellent gaming and video experiences, they often are not properly calibrated to view photography that has been carefully color corrected.  A simple brightness and contrast adjustment can enhance your enjoyment of all photography sites you visit. 

In order to see the images on this site as intended, your monitor should permit you to see all 32 boxes below. Of greatest importance are the two darkest and two lightest boxes. Though very close in luminance level, you should be able to see them as independent boxes. If you cannot, then the images on this site may appear darker or lighter than intended. 

If you cannot see all 32 boxes, please adjust the BRIGHTNESS and CONTRAST settings on your monitor until you can.  Many visitors have the contrast set very high on their monitors, and require a significant reduction to achieve monitor display that can significantly enhance their enjoyment of carefully crafted photography sites.


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