Doug Weldon Photography: Blog en-us (C) Doug Weldon Photography (Doug Weldon Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:11:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:11:00 GMT Doug Weldon Photography: Blog 84 120 Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site, Philadelphia, PA Eastern State Penitentiary, located in Philadelphia, PA, offers some truly unique opportunities to the photographer.  It was once the most famous and expensive prison in the world. Built in 1829, Eastern State held many notable criminals including Slick Willie Sutton and Al Capone.  Today the prison stands in ruin, but efforts are being made to preserve it as a reminder of early penitentiaries that all can visit.

The architecture is impressive and includes a series of gargoyles guarding the entrance.


DSC1592DSC1592Doug Weldon Photography
Eastern State Penitentiary
Philadelphia, PA
DSC1587DSC1587Doug Weldon Photography
Eastern State Penitentiary
Philadelphia, PA

Inside you can view the cell blocks and the various office and common areas that were in use when the prison was in operation.  While attempts have been made to restore sections of the prison, there are ample areas where one can capture haunting images.

_DSC1383-2_3_4-2_DSC1383-2_3_4-2Doug Weldon Photography

_DSC1375_DSC1375Doug Weldon Photography

For a small fee, photographers can purchase a tripod permit that is good for a year.  Tripods enable long exposure imaging that avoids the use of flash.

DSC1493DSC1493Doug Weldon Photography
Eastern State Penitentiary
Philadelphia, PA

DSC0318DSC0318Doug Weldon Photography
Eastern State Penitentiary
Philadelphia, PA

Eastern State's photography requirements are liberal and provide excellent access to areas of the prison.  To quote their web site:

"Visitors wishing to photograph only the building can do so during regular public hours. However, we ask that you honor the following policies:

  • Do not block any pathways or exhibits, or leave backpacks or tripods in these areas.
  • Refrain from loud conversations, and avoid gathering along the main audio tour route.
  • Do not touch or move any objects or artifacts.
  • Models and props are not permitted during public hours.
  • There can be no nudity, semi-nudity, or sexually explicit images filmed at Eastern State Penitentiary.

Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site requires the location credit 
"Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site, Philadelphia, PA" in all uses of penitentiary photos in print, on the web, in broadcast, and in any other public medium."  Source:

Keep in mind that weekends might not be a good time to expect that your compositions will be free of people, and that on weekdays you may experience school trips.  It is best to visit at opening in the morning.  Also keep in mind that the prison is NOT heated.  In winter be prepared to dress as though you are going to do an outside shoot.  

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Coastal Maine ~ Coastal Maine ~
DSC1867DSC1867Doug Weldon

Coastal Maine is one of the more accessible areas of the country in which dramatic landscape images can be captured.  Although not the only locations for photographic opportunity, of special interest to the photographer are the towns of Rockport, Camden, and Bar Harbor.  All three provide seaside images that include harbors, classic work boats, sailboats, pleasure yachts, harbor-side buildings, and the tools of the lobster industry.  Short excursions out of these towns bring the photographer to excellent landscape sites.  

DSC2616DSC2616Doug Weldon

Bar Harbor is situated just outside of Acadia National Park, a place of unparalleled opportunity for dramatic coastal landscape images.  While Acadia is a small park by National Park standards, it is a highly visited park that can get very crowded during season, making the photographer's task a bit more difficult.  Rising early, as most photographers do anyway, and finishing up in the park before 9:30, can provide a quieter time to get your work done and to have the park pretty much to yourself.  The crowds start to arrive in force by 10.


DSC2419DSC2419Bass Head Light

Also within easy striking distance of Bar Harbor is Bass Head.  The Bass Head Light is a favorite location for images that include sunrise and sunset opportunities, if you are willing to endure the mosquitoes and do a bit of rock scrambling.

Deer Isle and Stonington, are also excellent locations.  They are, however, a bit more remote and require some time to get to.

Even more remote, but very rewarding as a photography location is Monhegan Island.  Monhegan is roughly twelve miles off the coast of Maine and can be accessed by daily mail boat. 

DSC7593DSC7593Monhegan Island

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If you would like any additional info on visiting these areas, feel free to contact me via the site contact form.



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Cape Cod, MA ~ Cape Cod ~

Cape Cod seems to lend itself very well to black and white photography.  Given careful planning and two to three days, some excellent images can be captured.  Of course, much more time can be spent on Cape Cod, because there are countless opportunities for the photographer.

It goes without saying that lighthouses are a staple for the Cape Cod photographer.

DSC7017DSC7017Cape Cod
Doug Weldon Photography

When you find yourself unlucky in that the sky does not present much interest, a red filter in black and white photography can darken the sky just enough to make the image more dramatic.

DSC6928DSC6928Cape Cod
Doug Weldon Photography

However, along the coast, the patient photographer can count on some interesting clouds arriving.  As the clouds move across your frame you can capture several different cloud formation and select your favorite.

DSC6961DSC6961Cape Cod
Doug Weldon Photography

Be sure to visit Sandwhich, the oldest town on Cape Cod.  There you can find an interesting boardwalk leading out to the beach.  Each board bears the names of individuals that contributed to its creation.

DSC7207DSC7207Cape Cod
Doug Weldon Photography

Again, a little patience can result in the arrival in interesting clouds.  

Visit Provincetown at the extreme tip of Cape Cod for some harbor captures and interesting vintage buildings.  Visit the Heritage Museums and Gardens in Sandwhich.  Visit the Salt Pond Visitor's center at the National Seashore in Eastham.

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Harriman State Park, NY ~ Harriman State Park ~

DSC5308DSC5308Doug Weldon Photography

Harriman State Park is an excellent choice for Fall Color photography.  It can be found at Seven Lakes Drive, Ramapo, NY. The principal road runs by a series of picturesque lakes, and photography can often be accomplished from the road or from a parking lot.  For the more adventurous, a system of trails is available that can take you to less visited areas with plenty of photo possibilities.

Open fields, streams, park buildings, and lakes are plentiful, and Fall brings color that makes the park a very productive photo location.  Don't forget to look for possibilities other than the grand scenic.  Often, at your feet, or in a reflection, interesting compositions can be found.  

DSC5578DSC5578Doug Weldon Photography




As the light changed while I was photographing Fall color along a boulder filled stream, my attention was drawn to the area just in front of my tripod.  There I found the reflection of both sky and leaves in the trees above, encircling a boulder, resulting in an interesting composition that was totally unplanned.  I must admit to adding a red leaf I found on the ground after taking a few exposures and realizing that the image needed a point of interest to draw the eye into the photograph.


The park is rarely crowded, but once again, weekdays and other-than-holiday periods are preferred.  You will want to arrive early because the light can get pretty harsh as morning progresses.

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Bushkill Falls, PA ~ Buskhkill Falls ~

A quick trip to Pennsylvania can provide the opportunity to photograph a number of accessible waterfalls.

DSC5118DSC5118Bushkill Falls


Bushkill Falls, known as "The Niagara of Pennsylvania," has eight accessible waterfalls.  Several falls are accessible via a well constructed and well maintained boardwalk system, making it possible for those of limited ability (assuming a long staircase is not an issue) to see and photograph a sample of what the park has to offer.  More strenuous hiking can take you to the remainder of the falls.

In addition to the falls there are many other photo opportunities along the hiking paths ranging from interesting flora to small cascades.

The park is open from March through November, so varied seasons can be experienced, and there is the possibility of seeing some snow and ice.

The best time to visit is, as usual, before the crowds arrive and outside of holidays.  Weekdays are better, and arrival when the park first open sat 9 AM is a must.  Most of the falls are in deep gorges or in the woods, so good light remains fairly late into the morning.  

Bring along a polarizer and some neutral density filters to slow the water down and to dampen harsh light.

DSC7792DSC7792Main Falls at Bushkill

This is a privately owned park that has an admission fee of $14.50.  If the family comes along and gets tired of standing around while you wait for the perfect image to materialize, they can be entertained with miniature golf, paddle boat rentals, and fishing.

Another plus is that Dingman's Falls is about twenty minutes down the road.

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DSC8046DSC8046Dingman's Falls


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