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You work hard at the capture and the editing of your images. Think about the number of images that you maintain and the time that you spend over the course of several years in pursuing photography. Perhaps one of the most important considerations in choosing how you will catalogue and maintain your images is how you will ensure that they are not lost through accident or disaster. 


At the very least, your images and their processing instructions should be duplicated on a storage medium outside of your computer in the event that your computer or hard drive fail. CD's, DVD's and external hard drives are a good choice. However, even those media are subject to theft, damage, or disaster. The only real way to avoid loss of your work is to store it off-site. Of course, CD's, DVD's, and external hard drives can be stored off-site, but constant transport and update of media become inconvenient, and so, are often neglected. 


It is recommended here that you use an online storage solution. Online storage providers supply you with software that automatically maintains a backup of your work in the background while you are working. Online storage is a transparent solution that provides real security for your work. If disaster strikes, your images can be restored via the internet, mailed CD's, or in some cases, hard drives shipped to you with all of your work ready for transfer. The service recommended here, and used by me, is Backblaze. 


Backblaze stores your images online in their datacenters. In the event of a data disaster, you can restore from the web, or get a DVD or an external hard drive sent via FedEx to your studio or home for complete restoration of all of your work.  A link is provided below that will allow you to try the service for free.



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